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Saturday, June 4

The Trifecta

I went to lunch, and the choices for my sides were: cottage cheese, chips, and coleslaw. What? WHAT?! I hate all 3 of those things. How about something good that starts with a "C", like oh I don't know....chocolate!? So I got fries for $1.99 more. I considered it a donation to the the Foods That don't Suck Campaign (FTDS).

Then I started thinking about other thing I hate in groups of three....

Bruce Springsteen, Sheryl Crow, John Mellencamp.

Jim Carrey, Chris Rock, Dane Cook.

Long division, percentages, practically anything where you manipulate numbers.

And my all time foods. Whenever you are on a diet, three things they ALWAYS tell you are good to eat are brocolli, cottage cheese and bananas. Again, I HATE all three of those! It's like the trifecta of doom!

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