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Saturday, June 4

She's a maniac

Hi my name is Annette, and I am addicted to brownies.

It doesn't matter if I have just stuffed myself on an all day Thanksgiving feast. At any time, on any day I am pretty sure I can eat a whole pan of brownies by myself. They are the perfect food. And this weekend, I had a craving so I made some. Bad idea.

Then, after that first bite all hell breaks loose. Well, that first brownie was good, I think I will have another. And another. Then it's like I can't stop myself. I am a brownie eating maniac. I am a mindless zombie that can think of nothing but brownies, until they are all gone.

If I go to the living room, all I can think about is those little gooey brownies sitting in the kitchen. Oh, what's one more? I mean, there is like 2/3 of a pan left.....I am a beast.
Come here little brownie, where are you going? Don't one is going to hurt you.


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  1. Your blog is so cute! We once had a black lab who ate an entire leather sofa. :-) I am now a follower. Check out blog too, if you want.