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Tuesday, June 7

Slip 'n' Slide

Today it was like 800 degrees in Indianapolis, and on my way home I passed some kids a few houses down playing on a Slip 'n' Slide.

First I thought, wow that looks fun. Then I thought, wow they still make those? And either I have gotten a lot bigger, or the Slip 'n' Slide industry has had to reduce costs and they aren't as long as they used to be.

This is how long I remember them being:

And after today, I realize this is their actual length:

As a kid, it seemed like that Slip 'n' Slide went across my entire back yard, to the other side of the world! Didn't, like, me and 4 friends all slide down at the same time? The one I saw today barely held one kids whole body. His arms were hanging off the edge before the rest of his body slid onto the slide.

Wouldn't it be cool, though, if the world had a huge Slip 'n' Slide around it. Sort of like Saturn, but instead of ice chunks it would be a gigantic yellow Slide!

Think about your awful commute, and how much more fun it would be to ride to work on a Slip 'n' Slide!? "Hey Jim, just confirming our meeting. The Slide looks pretty clear this morning, I should be in by 9:00." I wonder what the traffic reports would sound like?

Errand to run? It's more fun on a Slip 'n' Slide!

Kids will beg to go to school because they get to ride on the slide!

Make the world a better place, buy a Slip 'n' Slide today!


  1. I can't help myself...I,m tweeting this!!

  2. hahaha! the world would be so much better if we could slip n' slide everywhere!