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Friday, April 20

More dinners

Still chugging along with my dinners. This cabinet, which used to be PACKED full, now has some breathing room. And I am making a huge dent in my stash of frozen meat.

So without further delay,  here is what we have been eating ther past few nights:

Grilled Cheese & soup

This one was pretty easy. I totally scored and found a loaf of bread in the back of the freezer! Hooray! You can eat just about anything when it is on bread. I also founds some cheese slices I bought on sale and froze. Note: cheese freezes well but gets crumbly so the slices were great for grilled cheese. I also found 1 can of tomato soup (for Tom) and a veggie soup (for me). A nice comforting dinner.

My grade: B (only because it was sort of boring)
Fiancee: A

Chicken Parmasan

sorry for the blurry pic, I was in a hurry to eat!
I could not believe I actually had everything for Chicken Parmasan. Thank goodness I saved 2 slices of motzarella cheese from grilled cheese night. If you have never made C.P. before, you should try it, it is easier than it looks. I put the breast between plastic wrap and pound them out till they are about 1/4" thick (flat). Then season with S&P. Dip in flour, then a beaten egg, then Panko bread crumbs. the secret is PANKO bread crumbs and not normal every day bread crumbs. I also added basil and oregano to the Panko. Cook in a small amount of oil in a pan till almost done then top with sauce and a slice of cheese and pop in the oven till the cheese is brown and ooey-gooey delicious.

My grade: A+
Fiancee: A+

Sloppy Joes

I had bought these deli roll/bun things for a shrimp po-boy recipe. But since my recent allergy to shrimp has popped up....the recipe and the buns have been lost in the freezer. But when I found the soup the other night, I found a can of Mamwich.("Really I bought a can of mamwich?") Anyhow, I had a pound of ground beef in the freezer so it worked out great. This was a nice carb loaded dinner that made you feel like you wanted to explode when done. Why can't I find forzen bags of strawberry and spinach salad?

My grade: B
Fiancee: A (he is so easy to please!)

Pasta Surprise

I don't even know what this is, but it was really good. This is the definition of throwing things you find together to make something half way edible. The ingredients are:
-The remaining alfredo sauce from the pizza we made the other night
-half of a red bell pepper (used the other half in the juicer)
-a found found bag of frozen asparagus (total score!)
-chicken breast, cubed. The other 2 breast (from package of 4)  from the ones thawed out for Chicken Parm night.

My grade: A
Fiancee: A

A couple others we have had that I forgot to take pictures of are:

Pork chops with yellow squash, yellow bell pepper and rice.

chicken sausage on those deli roll/buns with green beans and some pre-packaged-noodle-just-add-milk thing.

So I am at about 15 dinners, and I got to say I don't think I will make it to 30. We are going to run out of stuff. However, so far I am pleased with how it is going. My cabinets, freezer, and fridge are not so crowded and I don't feel so overwhelmed looking thru it all. This also sets us up for starting to eat healthier by getting the "junk" outta here, without wasting it and just throwing it in the trash.



  1. I am really loving reading this because I always say I'm going to do this, but then I never do! We don't often have too much piled in the freezer- we have one of those side by sides with the skinny freezer- but the pantry is packed. I'm glad you're enjoying your meals! I had to laugh at the pasta bowl dinner because I do that a lot- I call it Kitchen Sink Pasta. It always turns out good!