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Saturday, November 24

Adventures in Holiday Kindness

It seems before Thanksgiving can wind down, we are already gearing up for Christmas. Anyone else feel forced to get out Christmas decoration boxes as you are putting away your fall decoration ones?  I do get excited about the tree and the decorations and getting into the Christmas spirit. It's the one time of year I feel I can be generous without people think I am dying and working on a bucket list. And with the exception of Black Friday, I find that people are a little more "jolly" this month.

This year Tom and I decided not to get each other we have an expensive year coming up (wedding!). Instead we are going to do Random Acts of Kindness (RACKs) together. This will be a way for us to reconnect as a couple and enjoy some time together....and also spread some love and cheer while we are at it. It's a win-win!

Follow me as I blog about our adventures in kindness this holiday season. Maybe it will inspire you to do the same. I would love to hear about your RACK experiences.....receiving or giving!

......Our first RACK was to send some gifts to the military. I chose (2) random soldiers from the site. This is a great tool for those who like to support the troops this time of year. You can choose a person by branch, home state, length of tour....etc. Most have a "wish list" that makes it easy to shop. Our two soldiers asked for movies, Doritos, Ramen noodles, and powdered drink mixes. Tom and I set our budget for $50 and headed off to Sam's Club! For just under $50 we were able to get....

(8) movies: $20 (sale 2/$5) Good movies too, like V for Vendetta and Blood Diamond!
(50) individual bags of chips $11
(50) packages of Ramen noodles $6
(50) individual Crystal Lite packs $9

We wrote a letter to send with the packages, added some pictures and headed off to the post office!

Now I will say mailing things to the troops is not easy or cheap.....anyone who wants to brainstorm a way to make this better during the holidays has my support! But it is well worth it.....just plan on some time at the Post office.

And here is the BEST PART! While we were at the post office and man approached us and asked if we were sending stuff to troops, and we said yes. He gave us a $10 bill and said, "Thank you. Here is some help with postage" I almost cried. Our first random act of kindness and it's already spreading! Can't you just feel the love and cheer oozing out around the city!?

On our way home we stopped at Long's Bakery to pick up a couple donuts, and there were some tree and gutter men working outside on the building across the street. It was a terribly windy and cold day so we decided on a spontaneous RACK and bought them yeast donuts (only $5) and said "Happy Holidays!"

We all have thoughts of generosity. I encourage you to spend just one day acting on those thoughts and seeing how different the world can be. You truly can make a difference!

Till next time!

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