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Sunday, April 1

Dinner #5

While I had a few minutes I thought I would post last nights dinner and also my fifth in the "no shopping" series. So far we are doing pretty good. I stocked up on produce for juicing over the weekend, and grabbed a bit more for dinner fill-ins.

Dinner #5: Pot Roast

I discovered a lovely pork roast in the freezer downstairs. Oh yeah! I remember buying that and thinking, "wow this will be an easy crock pot meal". So I tossed it in with some celery and carrots, which I always have plenty of for juicing. Added the last 2 onions in the pantry. Some A1 sauce, and BBQ sauce from the fridge. Then I scoured the spice rack and added some garlic powder, salt and pepper, Mrs. Dash, and bay leaves. Later I was in the back yard and noticed the Sage had come back from last year so I quick snipped a couple of sprigs and threw those in too! I was out of potatoes (hash browns) so I made rice. Overall, I very cheap, easy and comforting dinner.

My rating: A (needed a bit more sauce)
Fiancee rating: A

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