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Wednesday, February 15

Today I made intestines

What did you do today?
Oh nothing really. Just ate lunch, walked the dog, made some intestines.

My neice is turning 16 next month and we are throwing her a themed birthday party. Zombie Prom. It's going to awesome. This is the first of probably a few zombie-themed blogs as I work on her party.

Today I started experimenting (Dr. Frankenstein style) with making some fake intestines. Grabbing things here and there from around the house and seeing what works.

This is not a tried and true method, and I am sure someone out there has a better process. Please invite me to your zombie party so I can check out your work! I am just trying to come up with something using stuff I have around the house and make them as cheaply as possible.

I started off by cutting the legs off old pairs of panty hose. I used nude and black colored. Actually the black turned out to be better, in my opinion, because you don't want any flesh/white colors showing. I stuffed them with old ripped up bedsheets, because thanks to Barney I had a shredded set laying around. You could also use pillow stuffing. I tied off the end, and then twisted/knotted/bunched them up. I ran them thru my sewing machine randomly to give that sectioned look. If you don't have a sewing machine you might be able to use rubber bands?

Next I painted them. The first one I actually used a paint brush, but that became slow moving so I started dunking them in a water-paint mixture and ringing them out. This made it extra gross, and super sloppy. I looked like I had disemboweled someone. Maybe it won't be so sloppy for you. I tend to be messy when I craft, especially if it involves paint. Tip: put down some plastic.

After I had finished dunking them. I went back with a paintbrush to add some red and also blue paint for detail. Just to give the effect of being bloody and having veins.

Then just hang them up to dry and get ready to be the best zombie this side of the Mississippi!!

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