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Monday, February 20

My Current Day-To-Day

Not working has proven to be quite awesome, especially now that it's cold outside and there are no projects looming over my head to work on. To every thing there is a season, and 'tis the season for rest, rejuvination and laziness.
Here is what my typical day looks like.

The best start to any day is one that does not involve an alarm clock. I have found my natural clock wakes me up at 9:30am. If that happens to fail, Guinness likes to be out of bed by 9:32.

Then it's your normal routine....

After that, my day is pretty wide open. I do have a couple standing lunch dates every week, and some evenings I have Zumba. And sometimes I do really exciting things like grocery shopping, drop off dry cleaning, or make a terrarium. But in general, this is what I do.

Most of the time I pick laundry OR dishes. In my experience, trying to tackle both in one day leads to a domestic goddess melt down and mass consumption of wine.

Yes, I sweep the floors every day...because we seem to be the proud owners of World Champion Shedders.

And because I walk Barney just about every day, whether I like it or not...sometimes I look more like this. He, of course, is the same.

this happens several times. Usually followed up with Advil.

Finally, I like to round out my day with dinner and maybe an episode of Walking Dead. Pretty exciting stuff ; )

Till next time!

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  1. Your'e so funny...oddly, your days sound a lot like mine. :)