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Monday, September 5

True Blood

I have been reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris. It wasn't until around book 3 that I realized these were the books that the HBO hit show True Blood is based on. I have seen about 9 minutes of one episode, but in comparing notes with friends it seems to be loosely based. Not too surprised about that. Since it is HBO and they want ratings, they are going to replace all the "boring" parts that have too complex of a plot, with sex.

Just in case you are not familar with the characters of these novels/HBO shows. Here is a quick reference to get you up to speed.

This is Sookie Stackhouse, the main character. She works at a bar called Merlottes. She is telepathic, which is why I gave her a big head. She doesn't really have a big head, in fact she seems really attractive in the book. She has a brother named Jason and a grandma. Her parents are dead. She refuses to date because she can't block out the thoughts of the men. You know, things like "I thought she would be smaller" "I wish this date were over" "She has great tits"

This is Sam. He owns Merlotte's, and is Sookie's boss. He is a shape shifter and for the most part turns into a Collie, which I have shown here. He is secertly in love with Sookie, and she can't read his mind cause he isn't human. He lives in a trailer behind the bar, and owns some rental properties in town....which he later offers to Sookie temporarily when her house burns down.

This is Bill. This is Sookie's neighbor, who lives just across the cemtary. He is also her first boyfriend and a vampire. He is really looking to become "mainstream" and settle down, which makes him awfully boring. He is also about 800 years old. She can't read his mind, which is why she was so happy to date him.

This is Eric, another vampire. Get used to all the men....they hang around Sookie like flies. Well, maybe more like mosquitos since they are vampires. Anyways, Eric is the owner of Fangtasia, a vampire bar and is also a Sheriff of a local vampire district. He is Bill's boss and he used to be a Viking. Apparently, he is gorgeous with a capital G. Pam, a girl who works at Fangtasia, is his 2nd in command.

This is Arlene, she also works at Merlotte's with Sookie. This is all in Louisianna by the way. She has huge red hair, and from what I can gather is sort of a hussy. She has a couple kids and in the first book its her husband who turns out to be the one killing everyone. Poor Arlene. I don't think she is actually fat at all, but in my head I picture her kind of sloppy and trashy. The open mouth gum chomping type.

This is Bob. Bob  is a cat, but first he was a human. Well, not just any human, a Wiccan. Oh, and a Jehovah's Witness. That is why he is black and white as a cat.....because he always wore black pants and a white shirt. He is the result of some careless witch experimenting. Cure is not yet found.

This is Claudine, and she is a fairy. She is looking to become an angel. Apparently fairies can become about a dozen things....angel, demon, gaurdians, elves, etc. She is Sookie's "fairy godmother" so to speak and protects her from time to time. She is a knock-out. She has a twin brother, Claude. She enjoys long walks on the beach and Sangria.

This is Alcide, he is a Werewolf. Picture Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. He is rough, rugged, and 100% man. He works construction....of course. If I had to pick a Sookie Stackhouse novel character to date, it would be him. Too bad he is in love with Debbie Pelt (turns into a fox) and she has some crazy spell over him. But eventually she is killed (by Sookie) and Alcide is left single. Hmmmm.....wonder how I can get his number?

This is Quinn, and he is a WereTiger. Meaning he turns into a Tiger (Bengal). Lots of turning into things going on around here. He is an Event Coordinator, and manages most of the supernatural beings events around these parts. He is tall, broad, bald and protective. He has some secrets he is keeping from Sookie, which I don't have the details on just yet.

This the the Queen of Louisianna and the King of Mississppi. In Vampire land they "rule" states and you have a king or a queen. Then they marry and form alliances. These two just married. They were both about 15 when made vampires, so even though they are about 500 years old, they look like kids. You don't mess with these two, they are ruthless and they have a lot of power. They look powerful don't they? Yeah, like their kingdom is a castle made of random boxes set up in the basement.

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  1. hahahaha i love it. i'm reading book 11 right now. they are so addictive! =]