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Thursday, December 29

Reflect on 2011

Before I start getting crazy and thinking about the new year and all the resolutions that come with it, I  wanted to take a moment to share some wonderful things that happened in 2011.

In January we broke out of our comfort zone and had date night at the National Professional Bull Riding competition at Conseco Fieldhouse. I made Tom wear Wranglers. It was a year of adventure.

Last February I started my online Etsy shop, Briggle Sticks, and have made over $1400 in revenue. There have been over 160 sales and over 250 cards sold. It was a year of success.

In June, I lost my job, which sounds like something you wouldn't celebrate but it allowed me to take a step back and evaluate. I am able to make careful, planned steps towards the future. It also gave me time to work on that deck! It was a year of new opportunity.

In July I turned 32, and my boyfriend kidnapped me and took us on a huge surprise vacation to Biltmore in North Carolina where he proposed. It was a year of love.

In September we finished our massive back yard overhaul where we built a new deck, and I re-landscaped...including doubling the size of our food garden.  It was a year of hard work that paid off.

Just in case you are not convinced on how much hard work that was, here is a before.

In October, our little puppy Barney Bumblebee turned ONE and we all know he had an exciting year. Perhaps a new couch is in the cards for 2012? It was a year of growth.

Time flies by so quickly that it is difficult to stop and realize what all you have to be grateful for. 2012 gives us a chance to revisit all those resolutions that got lost somewhere around last April. A New Year gives us all a chance to become that person we want to be, to accomplish the things we dream of. Don't forget to remember and be thankful for all the things that went right in 2011. Before you start listing out your 2012 to do list.....give yourself a pat on the back for 2011.

Love and Joy!


  1. Sounds like a great year! Congrats on your Etsy success! Are you from Indy? I am! =]

  2. Sounds like a fabulous year! You and I have a lot in common this year-- I got engaged, had a successful first Etsy year, completely revamped out back yard, and a new couch is definitely in the cards for us in 2012! Have a wonderful 2012!